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12 September 2008

The Lady Rode Bucking Horses: The Story of Fannie Sperry Steele, Woman of the West

The Lady Rode Bucking Horses by Dee Marvine is the biography of Fannie Sperry Steele, honoree of the Cowboy Hall of Fame.

Fannie Amanda Sperry was born in March of 1887 in the Montana Territory, the fourth of five children. Possibly due to the fact that her father had a medical condition that kept him off of horseback Fannie's mother and all five children became excellent riders.

Fannie was five when she was given her own horse, and caught and broke her first wild horse when she was barely a teenager. She rode in her first bucking horse contest (not yet called a rodeo) at a local fair when she was fourteen. That first ride started a career that led her to the title Lady Bucking-Horse Champion of the World - first crowned at the Calgary Stampede in 1912 (now the largest rodeo event in North America).

Marvine's book details a fascinating story of a strong, brave woman who loved horses. It is a great read that captures a unique perspective of history.

One sentence review: This compelling biography of a little known American legend follows Fanny Sperry Steele from birth in the mountains of the Montana Territory in 1887 to her first bucking horse competition at the age of fourteen to her crowning at Lady Bucking Horse Champion of the World.

Marvine, Dee. (2005). The Lady Rode Bucking Horses. Guildford, CT: TwoDot.

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