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22 September 2008

Gone Too Far (Troubleshooters #6)

Gone Too Far is the sixth book in Suzanne Brockmann's Troubleshooters series.

Lt. Sam Starrett and Special Agent Alyssa Locke are back together again. After a brief affair, they have not seen each other for three years. Now Alyssa is assigned to help Sam find his missing ex-wife and daughter.

At the same time Tom Paoletti, commander of SEAL Team Sixteen, is being questioned about a terrorist plot to kill the president. An assassination attempt that Team Sixteen stopped six months ago. Now Tom is piratically being accused of being part of the terrorist group.

Gone Too Far, though the sixth book in the series, is the book where Tom forms his Troubleshooters, Inc. counter terrorism group - designed to be a civilian version of the SEAL teams.

As usual, Brockmann captures the readers attention from page one and keeps the action going through the entire book. Her flashbacks to WWII - this time with Sam's uncle and his wife - create a more complete story than the average mystery or romance writer. She is quickly becoming one of my favorites!

Brockmann, Suzanne. (2003). Gone Too Far. New York: Ballantine Books.

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