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24 September 2008

The Arizona Kid

The Arizona Kid by Ron Koertge.

Billy, from Bradleyville, Missouri, will be spending the summer with his uncle in Tucson - his gay uncle who he has not seen for so long he has to bring a picture on the train so he knows who to look for at the other end.

Uncle Wes has gotten Billy a job at the racetrack, caring for horses. He will be working with a kid a couple of years older - Lew - who is a survivalist. He is convinced (0r at least his dad is trying to convince him) that the world could end at any minute.

Once Billy gets a pair of boots and a hat, he starts to fit in with the locals - most of whom are really only there for the summer racing season.

The Arizona Kid is a coming of age story with fast-paced dialogue and humor. It is the story of first love, horses, and learning to be alright with yourself.

Koertge, Ron. (1988). The Arizona Kid. Cambridge, Mass: Candlewick Press.

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