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17 September 2008

The Coldest Winter Ever

The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah is a raw look at gang/drug life in Brooklyn.

Winter Santiaga, the daughter of an infamous drug lord, thinks she has it all. She lives in Brooklyn, she has more fancy clothes than anyone could ever need, and no one messes with her. But all of that changes when her father moves the family to Long Island.

Isolated from her friends, Winter longs to be back in Brooklyn. But there is a reason Santiaga moved his family away. It is not safe for them anymore. Other dealers are moving into his territory, sparking a drug war.

When her mother is shot and her father arrested, Winter finds herself on her own. Her three younger sisters are put into foster care but she tries to escape the system.

She meets Sister Souljah who is trying to help the black community to strive for more. (I am a bit put off by anyone who puts themselves into a book as a main character - especially one who has all of the answers.) No matter what advice Souljah gives her, Winter is on her own path - a path that will ultimately lead her to prison.

Souljah, Sister. (1999). The Coldest Winter Ever. New York: Pocket Star Books.

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