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06 September 2008

Flashpoint (Troubleshooters #7)

Flashpoint by Suzanne Brockmann is the seventh book in her Troubleshooters series.

Jimmy Nash and Lawrence Decker are sent to Kazbekistan as relief workers after a major earthquake. Their real assignment is to find the laptop of a terrorist who died in the quake. If they can find it, it may prevent future terrorist attacks. Tess Bailey, a former CIA agent who quit the Agency because they would not let her out in the field, will be joining Nash and Decker as the computer specialist. For safety, she will be undercover as Nash's wife.

Troubleshooters' founder has also tasked Decker to look for a business man and his partner whom he wants to recruit. What they doesn't know is that the man is dead. And his partner (and wife) is being held captive as a slave by the warlord now in control of Kazbekistan.

Flashpoint is yet another action-packed adventure by Suzanne Brockmann that blurs the line between the romance and mystery/thriller genres.

Brockmann, Suzanne. (2004). Flashpoint. New York: Ballantine Books.

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