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19 February 2007


What if you could live your life over again? In the book Replay by Ken Grimwood that is exactly what happens to Jeff Winston.

When Jeff is 43 years-old he dies, and wakes up the next morning 18 years-old. He has all of the memories of his life, but he is back in college. It is 1963; yesterday was 1988. Once he realizes what has happened, he has to decide what he will do differently this time around. What knowledge does he posses that will help him lead an easier life this time around? Who won the World Series in 1963, or the Kentucky Derby, which stock is a good investment... Will his previous wife still fall in love with him in this cycle? Can he change the course of history? Should he?

Jeff Winston lives his life again. Changing the things he didn't like about his last time through, erasing regrets he may have had. Then, when he is 43 again, he dies once more only to wake up in college. How many replays will he get? Is he the only one who is in this cycle of re-living his life? Is this cycle a gift or a curse?

What would you do differently?

Grimwood, K. (1998). Replay. New York: Harper Paperbacks.

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