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17 February 2007

The Blue Place (Aud Torvingen #1)

The Blue Place by Nicola Griffith is a thrilling, sexy introduction to her character Aud Torvingen. Aud is a six-foot, ex-police lieutenant who could just as easily kill you as smile at you. She is a magnetic presence who is developing a cult following in the lesbian community.

While out for a walk, Aud literally runs into Julia Lyons-Bennet. A few moments later a house behind her explodes into the quiet of the night killing a renowned art historian. Julia later seeks out Aud find out who killed her friend (said art historian). The investigation leads from Atlanta to Oslo and is filled with clues, bad guys, drugs, kick-ass martial arts and a quickly forming bond between the two women.

I have read this book four times now and each time I am pulled in on the first page by Nicola's prose. She describes thing with such rich language that you are instantly transported into the story. The Blue Place is the first of a developing series featuring Aud. It is followed by Stay and (due out this May) Always.

Griffith, Nicola. (1998). The Blue Place. New York: First Avon Books.

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