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13 February 2007

Movie: Home Room

Home Room staring Busy Philipps and Eirka Christensen is most likely the best movie I have seen in years. The acting is phenomenal.

The film is shot like a play, which is appropriate since most of it is dialog between the two stars. Contrary to the blurbs available on many websites, this is not a movie about a school shooting. It is a movie about how two students deal with tragedy. Yes, it starts out with a school shooting, but the movie is about the aftermath. It could be about any traumatic event. Two unlikely people are pushed together due to the circumstances of their lives. Together they learn to deal with the grief, anger and confusion that brought them to this point.

Both Busy Philipps and Erika Christensen are brilliant young actresses. It is refreshing to see acting of this caliber in the next generation of stars. Not to take anything away from those who act based soley on looks and not on talent... but these two are amazing. I think I have now seen all of the movies that feature either of them.

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