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18 February 2007

I Am A Holocaust Torah

I am a Holocaust Torah: The Story of the Saving of 1,564 Torahs Stolen by the Nazis by Rabbi Alex J Goldman is a touching book. It is written from the point of view of a Torah from Kosova Hora, Czecholslovakia. Stolen by the Nazis in 1944, it and 1,563 other Torahs were collected and left to rot in a storage room in Prague.

In 1964 these Torahs were rescued. Those which could be repaired were sent out to synagoges around the world. Some that were damaged beyond use were sent out as reminders or memorials. The rest remain today in a the Czech Memorial Scrolls Center in London where they are still being repaired.

This book is a beautifully illustrated narrative.

Goldman, A. (2000). I am a holocaust torah: The story of 1,564 torahs stolen by Nazis from synagogues in Czechoslovakia, rescued twenty years later, and placed in the hands of people
who love them. Jerusalem: Gefen Publishing House.


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