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02 October 2016

Empire of Storms (Throne of Glass #5)

Empire of Storms by Sarah Maas is the fifth book in her Throne of Glass fantasy series. Caleana Sardothien was raised to be an assassin and thief. She did not know her birth story or to whom she was related. That changed when she was freed from a labor camp to compete to be champion to a king she hated.

Now the world knows who Caleana really is. But before she can claim her rightful place, she must help to defeat a great evil that is trying to take over the land. With some powerful friends, she will being to fight that evil back.

Also fighting against the evil, and against imprisonment as his soldier, the Ironteeth witches will try to gain freedom. Their wingleader, Manon, will do what she can to save her family - going against her training to be unfeeling and ruthless.

Maas has created a great fantasy series with wonderful characters. Each book in the series is better than the last. And I consider anyone who can introduce a character I think I hate and have her become my favorite later in the series to be a brilliant writer. Start this series today!

Maas, Sarah. (2016). Empire of Storms. New York: Bloomsbury.

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