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14 October 2016

Honor Among Enemies (Honor Harrington #6)

Honor Among Enemies by David Weber is the sixth book in his series featuring Honor Harrington - a space captain in the Royal Mantacore Navy.

After a couple of year on Grayson, Honor is asked to rejoin the RMN. She doesn't know that she will be getting a near impossible assignment - set up by two of her political enemies.

Honor will be in charge of a small fleet of converted cargo ships retrofitted to be Q-ships (attack vessels disguised as harmless transport ships). They will be sent to cover a huge area where pirates are raiding merchant ships. The Silesian Confederacy is huge and Honor will be given just a few ships to try to control the problem.

To add insult to injury, Mantacore cannot really spare the crew to fill her ships. They will be made up of people other captains want to get rid of - the screw ups of the RMN.

Weber has created a wonderful science fiction series. Honor is a well-named character whose people would follow anywhere. Any fans of scifi who have not read this series are missing out.

Weber, David. (1996). Honor Among Enemies. New York: BAEN.

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