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22 September 2016

Flag in Exile (Honor Harrington 5)

Flag in Exile by David Weber is the fifth book in his series featuring Honor Harrington. Honor is a member of the Royal Manticore Space Navy and a brilliant strategist in fighting - both with her space ship and her fists.

After upsetting political opponents on Manticore, Honor is on half pay with the Navy. She has decided to go back to the planet Grayson where she has a new steading - the only off-worlder to be granted the title of steadholder.

Protector Benjamin, leader of Grayson, has been trying to bring Grayson laws and customs into the current century - after being isolated for a thousand years - while not offending the conservative steadholders.

When Benjamin appointed Honor a steadholder, he stirred up those who think a woman should be in the home, not ruling. And a small group of them have a plan to get her back - by sabotaging her company and turning the popular opinion.

Weber has created a great character in Honor, and placed her in a variety of settings (space, military, political) with the world-buidling skills few can claim. This is one of my top three favorite science fiction series ever.

Weber, Honor. (1995). Flag in Exile. New York: BAEN.

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