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02 November 2015

Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass #4)

Queen of Shadows by Sarah Mass is the forth book in her Throne of Glass series - about Calaena Sardothien who is the heir to the throne of a nation taken over by the king of Adarlan. She escaped the murder of her family and was raised by a thief lord who knew her true identity but never told her. 

Now Calaena knows she is really Aelin Galathynuis. She has promised to take down the evil king of Adarlan and free her citizens from his rule. But the evil that has been growing for years has other plans in place.

The Ironteeth witches have been training as a flying army, ready to attack on a duke's orders. While the witches are not used to taking orders from mere mortals, Manon and her elite team of 13 are an unstoppable force. But when the duke starts a program that puts some of her fellow witches in danger - and the lifetime of obedience wavers.

The different groups of people (and creatures) who have been building toward war come together in this volume of the Throne of Glass series. While some fantasy series have lulls in the middle or fade after a great start, these books keep getting better. If you are a fan of fantasy or kick ass female characters, read this series.

Maas, Sarah. (2015). Queen of Shadow. New York: Bloomsbury.

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