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23 November 2015

Make Me (Jack Reacher #20)

Make Me by Lee Child is his twentieth book in the Jack Reacher series. An ex-Army military police detective, Reacher has been traveling aimlessly around the United States, stumbling across mysteries that he helps solve.

Reacher is on his way to Chicago, but is intrigued by a town called Mother's Rest, Oklahoma. Reacher wants to know if the name comes from a place on the wagon trail where someone stopped to give birth or where someone was laid to rest. He figures if he gets off the train and stays for one night he can see the historical marker or grave.

When Reacher leaves the train, a woman starts toward him as if she recognizes him. She, Michelle Chang, is a private investigator and ex-FBI who is looking for a colleague. Keever was on to something and called her for backup, but when she arrived she could not find him.

Reacher, always interested in a mystery, decides to stick around and help look for Keever. Unfortunately, the townspeople, who have something they would like to keep hidden, don't want anyone snooping around.

Reacher is a practically unstoppable character. He is smart, logical and has his own code of ethics. Child is a great mystery writer who comes up with a new mystery set in a new location for each books. This series is well written and creative - a great bet for mystery and suspense fans. (Speaking of fans - us fans are still waiting for a spin-off series about Frances Neagley!)

Child, Lee. (2015). Make Me. New York: Delacourte Press.

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