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03 June 2015

Run You Down (Rebekah Roberts #2)

Run You Down by Julia Dahl is the second book in her Rebekah Roberts mystery series.

Roberts is recovering from an injury that resulted when she was chasing a story. As a crime reporter for the New York Tribune, Roberts put herself in danger to find the truth. Now she is taking a break from running down stories. She is working the desk for a while.

When someone who read her articles on the death of an Orthodox Jewish woman wants to talk to her, she agrees to meet with him. Levi Goldin is concerned that his wife's death was foul play. The ultra-orthodox community he lives in would rather not investigate - it would make her sister's marriage prospects difficult if it was found to be suicide. Levi is sure his wife would not kill herself and is seeking another answer.

Rebekah agrees to follow up. She uses the story as a way to investigate the town of Roseville, New York. A town where her own mother may live. Rebekah has not seen her mother since she was a baby. She and her father have no idea what happened to Aviva after she left them.

Aviva Kagan was a teen when she ran away from home with a good looking non-Jewish boy. After having a child, she left them both to go back to her family. She has thought of Rebekah every day and often talks to her in her mind.

Rebekah finds a whole world of people on the edge of the Hasidic community - people who have wandered off of the path. And into this world Rebekah searches as her mother does her part to help those questioning their faith and roles in society.

Dahl has upped her game with this second Rebekah Roberts mystery. Readers of mystery will love this series. Run You Down will be available June 30, 2015.

Dahl, Julia. (2015). Run You Down. New York: Minotaur.

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