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23 June 2015

Being Emily

Being Emily by Rachel Gold is a coming of age tale about a young woman trying to be herself.

On the outside Chris looks like the typical high school junior. He is on the swim team, has a girlfriend and does well in school. On the inside he is a she. Since a very young age Chris, would would like to be called Emily, was confused when people kept saying she was a boy. She never felt like a boy and always got in line with the other girls in school - but the teacher always moved her to the boys line. Eventually, Emily decided to pretend to be a boy to stay out of trouble.

But now, at seventeen, it is time to tell Claire, Chris's girlfriend. Claire is the most unique person at school. She dresses goth, quotes famous poems and the Bible, and is an out bisexual. Chris is scared to tell Claire the truth and risk losing the most trusted person she has, but knows she has to talk to someone.

Gold has written a loving account of one young woman's struggles to find the courage to be herself in a small town in the Midwest. The book is factual and informative as well as a great novel. This is an important book for people who are not trans to begin to understand some of what it is like to have to fight to be your own gender.

Gold, Rachel. (2012). Being Emily. Tallahassee, FL: Bella Books.

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