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20 October 2014

Young Elites (Young Elites #1)

Young Elites by Marie Lu is the first book in her new fantasy series.

Ten years ago a blood plague passed through the land of Kenettra. Many died. Many children who survived were scared or changed. There are now rumors that some of them developed powers.

Adelina Amouteru lived through the plague but lost an eye. She is now a malfetto, seen as a second class citizen to be feared. She has ruined her merchant father's change of getting a good price for her in marriage. Her sister also had the blood plague but escaped without scaring.

When Adelina overhears her father agree to sell her to pay off her debt she has to run away. Before she can get far her father finds her, but something snaps in her. Somehow she calls demons from the shadows and in the terror, her father is trampled by a horse. She is arrested for murder.

Before Adelina can be burned at the stake, the Young Elites - those with powers - come to save her. Now she will have to learn to control her power and become a Dagger, or fail and be killed.

Lu is a master storyteller. This beginning to a new series will delight fans of her dystopian series Legend and new readers alike. Get it from the library today.

Lu, Marie. (2014). The Young Elites. New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons.

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