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16 October 2014

Gun Metal Heart (Daria Gibron #2)

Gun Metal Heart by Dana Haynes is his second book featuring Daria Gibron who was introduced in his Crashers series before she broke out into her own series.

Daria Gibron is an Israeli ex-Shin Bet agent who worked for the DEA and FBI before she crossed the line to save someone and was put in the CIA arrest list. She is currently living in Italy recovering from an illness and getting back in shape. When a friend tracks her down and asks her for help she is pulled into an international plot to steal new drone technology.

American Citadel is a technology company that has created a set of tiny drones. They have set up a demonstration for a group of buyers in their Idaho research division. Unfortunately, Daria has just agreed to protect the woman who they are targeting.

Daria Gibron is an amazing character who would give Jack Reacher a run for his money. Haynes has written her into a fast-paced thrill ride with political twists.

Haynes, Dana. (2014). Gun Metal Heart. New York: Minotaur.

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