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26 October 2014

Clariel (Abhorsen #4)

Clariel by Garth Nix is a prequel to his Abhorsen trilogy and takes place 600 years before Sabriel's book in the same Old Kingdom.

Clariel, the daughter of a High Goldsmith, has just moved to the city of Belisaere. She would prefer to have stayed near the forest where she could apply to be a Boarderer.

Now she has to attend a kind of finishing school for the Guild families where she will be guided in classes that will help her achieve her goals. But Clariel is not adjusting well to the city. Her focus is on how to get back to the forest.

As a cousin to the king, she will be granted an audience with him. He has stopped ruling the kingdom and is waiting for his daughter to take over - but she has been missing for years. The only rituals he still follows are the ancient, including the kin gift.

In the vacuum that the king has left, the head of the Goldsmith Guild has become the governor and taken over much of the ruling of the city and it surrounding areas. There are rumors that Governor Kilp has plans to take over the kingdom by finding a relative of the king he can use as a puppet.

Nix has delighted Abhorsen fans by giving us a new book 14 years after the last and does not disappoint. He is a masterful storyteller using a wonderful world. This is one of the best fantasy series - and it now continues.

Nix, Garth. (2014). Clariel. New York: Harper.

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