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10 July 2014

Thief's Magic (Millennium's Rule #1)

Thief's Magic by Trudi Canavan is the first book in her Millennium's Rule fantasy series.

Tyen Ironsmelter is a student of archeology and sorcery at the Academy. He is on an expedition when he finds a tomb he has been researching. Students often pay their way at the Academy by bringing back artifacts found on digs. Tyen is somewhat disappointed when the only thing he finds is a book. Until he opens it. The book was once a woman named Vella - a powerful sorcerer in her time who was turned into the book against her will. She stores all of the knowledge of everyone who has ever held her.

Tyen knows he has to turn the book over but wants to make sure Vella is not put in a storage vault or destroyed for her outdated magical knowledge - there has been an industrial revolution of sorts since she was put in a tomb. But if Tyen is caught with Vella he will be branded a thief and kicked out of the Academy.

Rielle Lazuli lives in a land ruled by priests. They believe that magic comes from the Angels. Anyone other than a priest using magic is immediately arrested for stealing from the Angels. Because using magic causes a stain in the air visible to those who are magical, the tainted are usually caught quickly. Rielle has been able to see stain her whole life. As this means she has magic potential her aunt tells her to keep it secret. They don't know what the priest do to those who can see it.

Canavan is a brilliant fantasy writer. This new series takes place in a different world from her other books - a world that feels fully formed. Her characters are compelling and readers will root for them in their adventures and travails. Pick this book up today for a great read.

Canavan, Trudi, (2014). Thief's Magic. New York: Orbit.

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