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14 July 2014

Power Play

Power Play by Joseph Finder is a about a corporate retreat gone wrong.

Jake Landry works for Hammond Aerospace. He is well under the executive level but when his boss is suddenly sent to India to secure a large contract for their new jet, Jake is told he is coming on the executive retreat - in five hours. He is an expert on the new plane and will be there to answer any questions.

The Hammond Aerospace retreat is an annual event held at the King Chinook Lodge on the coast of British Columbia, Canada. The lodge is isolated on and only accessible by boat or sea plane.

During dinner on the first night at the lodge, just as the team building leader is describing the physical activities scheduled for the next day, a gunshot is heard and men with guns storm the room.

The executive team of Hammond is being held hostage until they transfer a large amount of money to an offshore account. Now Jake, the one who wasn't even supposed to be there, is the only chance they have of getting out alive.

Finder is a great suspense writer. His books are fast and exciting and will keep you up late.

Finder, Joseph. (2007). Power Play. New York: St. Martin's Paperbacks.

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