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25 July 2014

365 Days (365 #1)

365 Days by K.E. Payne is a story in journal form.

Clementine Atkins, Clem or Clemmie to her friends, keeps a diary. Each year starts on January 1 and follows the calendar to the end of the year. Clem is sixteen. She lives in England and attends high school. Her best friend is Alice.

Clem's diary this year will be a little different. It will focus a lot on relationships. Her first date with Ben, a boy who she guesses she likes, her crush on J who doesn't know she exists, and the new girl at school Hannah Harrison.

Payne has created a character with whom readers will identify. Clem is trying to figure out where she fits in the world and how to navigate the very new relationships in her life. Though in a diary format the story is dynamic and humorous, plus sweet and serious.

Payne, K.E. (2011). 365 Days. Valley Falls, NY: Bold Strokes Publishers.

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