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17 July 2014

The Target (Will Robie #3)

The Target by David Baldacci is the third book in his Will Robie series about a CIA agent and assassin.

Will Robie is arguably the best agent in the CIA, so is Jessica Reel. They are the two agents who are sent into impossible situations and have a change of coming home. But the assignment they are about to be sent on may be a suicide mission.

When the President of the United States receives intel that one of the most anti-US world leaders is in a vulnerable position, he must decided whether to act illegally and change the world landscape for the better. But if the mission fails, he will likely be impeached.

As they prepare for their assignment, elements from Reel's past surface to put them in more danger. A man on death row will plot a murder from his hospital bed. And fans will catch up with Julie Getty and super agent Vance.

Baldacci is a master storyteller. Will Robie is a commendable character with a terrible job. Great series.

Baldacci, David. (2014). The Target. New York: Grand Central Publishing.

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