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03 February 2014


Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson is the story of two princesses, the God King, a lesser god who doesn't like his job, and a man trying to prevent a war.

Hallandren is ruled by a council of gods, the Returned. These are men and women who died but came back to share their wisdom, eventually dying again in order to use their Breath to help someone else. The Returned are lesser gods who serve under the God King. The society is built around the use of Breath, or BioChromatic magic. Everyone is born with one Breath, but if you gain more you can use it to accomplish things. The more you have the more clearly you see the world. For example, with the first heightening comes perfect pitch and with the second comes perfect sight - being able to distinguish colors in a similar way as perfect pitch is to sound.

The kingdom next door to Hallandren, Idris, used to be part of one nation. The rightful heir to the thrown left Hallandren and has a treaty with them to keep the peace. The treaty states that the king of Idris must present a princess to marry the God King. King Dedelin has trained his eldest daughter, Vivenna, her whole life for the role. But when the time comes, he sends his youngest, Siri. Either one who would experience total culture shock at the differences between the two kingdoms.

 Sanderson's Warbreaker is considered must-read fantasy. It is epic and BioChromatic magic is as unique and interesting as any form of magic yet written. Though the book is six hundred pages, I want a sequel!

Sanderson, Brandon. (2009). Warbreaker. New York: Tor.

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