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05 February 2014

Going Rogue (AKA #2)

Going Rogue by Robin Benway is the second book in her Also Know As series about a young safe-cracker.

Maggie has been in New York for almost a year - trying to live a normal teen life while taking a break from the high stakes espionage her family participates in to keep the world safe. She is spending time with her boyfriend Jesse and her best friend Roux.

But when the Collective, the group her parents have worked for all of Maggie's life, accuses her parents of stealing evidence, Maggie has to do what she can to clear their names. It seems there is a power play for the lead of the Collective, and the front-runner is not a good guy. He has been forcing out those who will not follow him.

Maggie has to find ten gold coins to prove him wrong - ten golden eagle coins. Only the most valuable coins ever printed. Oh, and study for her SATs.

Benway's series is a fun, action packed read. Great read-alike for Ally Carter's Heist Society. Fans and residents of NYC will appreciate her accurate descriptions of much loved local hang outs.

Benway, Robin. (2013). Going Rogue. New York: Walker Books.

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