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11 February 2014

All He Ever Needed (Kowalski #4)

All He Ever Needed by Shannon Stacey is the fourth book in her Kowalski family series.

Mitch Kowalski has been called back to the the lodge he grew up in. The Northern Star Lodge has been in the family for generations. Now Mitch's youngest brother runs it. Mitch is going home to help out while his brother recovers from a broken leg.

Paige Sullivan has lived in town for two years. She bought the diner and fixed it up. Now she feels like she is home for the first time in her life. When Mitch walks in she knows who he is from both his resemblance to his brother and the stories told about him all over town. Mitch is a playboy who seems to leave a wake of women in his path. But, surprisingly, all of the women still think fondly of him.

Paige has no desire to become involved with anyone, especially Mitch. She is not going to give up her new home to follow a man around the country the way her mother has always done. But her heart and her head may have different ideas about whether or not to let Mitch into her heart.

Stacey's Kowalski family series is full of great stories with lovable characters. A great choice for a romance.

Stacey, Shannon. (2012). All He Ever Needed. New York: HQN.

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