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08 January 2014

The Pirate's Wish (Assassin's Curse #2)

The Pirate's Wish by Cassandra Rose Clarke is the second book in her Assassin's Curse series - a curse that was sent in motion when a pirate saved the life of the assassin who was sent to kill her.

Ananna and Naji are linked by a curse, an impossible curse. In order to break it, he has to do three things: he must have the kiss of the woman who loves him; he must hold a princess's starstones, and he must create life out of violence.

Before he can accomplish any of those tasks, he and Ananna must get off of the island they are trapped upon. Their friend Marjani has promised to come back for them, but sailors are superstitious about the island, so it may take some time.

Clarke's second volume of the series features mythical creatures, pirate battles, magic, assassins, friendship and more. It is an adventurous tale of fun!

Clarke, Cassandra Rose. (2013). The Pirate's Wish. New York: Strange Chemistry.

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