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06 January 2014

Crash into Me

Crash into Me by Jill Sorenson is the story of an FBI investigation into a serial killer in La Jolla, California.

Special Agent Sonora Vasquez is being sent undercover to catch a serial killer. The killings are taking place in and around La Jolla, a beautiful beach community in Southern California. Sonny is from the area originally. Trace evidence from the slain women leads investigators to believe the unsub is a surfer. Sonny will be following retired pro-surfer Ben Fortune.

Ben lives on the beach with his daughter, sixteen year old Carly. His wife was killed a few years ago. A homeless vet confessed to the murder, but recanted his confession in his suicide note. Now there are other women being killed in a similar fashion.

Soon after arriving in La Jolla, Sonny rescues Carly from drowning in a riptide, giving her a way into Ben's house. While she cannot imagine Ben as a killer, she must continue to investigate him. This gets more difficult as she finds herself attracted to him.

Sorenson has written a steamy romantic suspense novel. Fans of both romance and suspense will enjoy this novel.

Sorenson, Jill. (2009). Crash into Me. New York: Bantam.

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