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28 January 2014

I,Q: The Alamo (IQ #4)

I,Q: The Alamo by Roland Smith and Michael P. Spradlin is the forth book in the IQ series which follows new siblings Q and Angela as they travel the US on their parent's tour bus - and track a ghost cell that wants to terrorize the United States.

Q (short for Quest) and his brand new step-sister Angela are being pulled out of school to go with their parents on a tour of the US. There parents have both worked in the music industry for years, but teaming up together put then at the top of the charts. The year is supposed to be spent learning about the history of the US from their tour bus. But almost immediately, they were followed. And now they are in the midst of stopping a terror group.

After leaving Kitty Hawk, Q and Angela make their way toward San Antonio, Texas for the next big concert their parents are giving. Their parents will meet them on the way after a benefit for hurricane victims. Q and Angela travel with Boone, head roadie and super-spy, and his team of (semi)retired spies.

For some reason, the targets they keep finding out about seem to coincide with the concert tour. Q and Angela will continue to help the team on their way to Chicago in the next book.

Smith, Roland and Michael Spradlin. (2013). The Alamo. Ann Arbor, MI: Sleeping Bear Press.

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