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27 October 2013

The Power (Magnificent 12 #4)

The Power by Michael Grant is the fourth and final book in his Magnificent 12 series about twelve 12-year-olds who have to save the world from an evil force about to be released after being imprisoned by twelve 12-year-olds thousands of years ago. If only the original twelve would have use and opened ended spell...

Mack and the seven others he has found of the Magnificent twelve - each gifted with enlightened puissance - must find the other four to have a chance to defeat the Pale Queen. But they are running out of time. The clues send them from Paris to the Punjab before they head to San Fransisco for the final battle.

In the mean time, the Pale Queen is sending assassins and minions to try to kill the twelve before they can gather all of their power. And her daughter, Risky, has plans of her own.

The culmination of this fun and magical series is as great a read as the first. Grant created this series filled with everything a reader could want in a fantasy adventure.

Grant, Michael. (2013). The Power. New York: Katherine Tegen Books.

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