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18 October 2013

Rose Under Fire (Code Name Verity #2)

Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein is the sequel to her award winning book Code Name Verity - about World War II and the Air Transport Auxiliary. The ATA was made up of women pilots who ferried planes around the UK and allied territories to the male pilots who flew them into battle.

Rose Justice has been a pilot since she the age of twelve. Her father owns a small airport in Hersey, PA. Now she is in England with the ATA, flying all kinds of planes. Early in the war the ATA pilots were only allowed to fly within the UK, but as the Allies gain more ground in Europe, there is talk of expanding their territory.

When Rose is allowed to fly to France, she sees a flying bomb. Flying bombs are plane shaped bombs that fly until they hit something or run out of fuel and crash land detonating their explosives. Rose has heard that there is a safe way to cause them to crash before they can reach a populated area. But with no weapons on her plane, it would be a feat of flying.

After getting off course, Rose is surrounded by two German fighter planes and escorted to a runway. Arrested by the Nazis Rose is sent to the Ravensbruck concentration camp. There she experiences some of the horrors of the Holocaust, and witnesses even more. Ravensbruck is the camp where the Nazis did medical experiments on women.

Told through journal entries from after her time at the camp, Rose chronicles her time in the camp and how she came to be back in Paris afterward. Wein is a masterful storyteller who, with these two books, has become one of my favorite authors. Her words create such a vivid picture, readers will find themselves enmeshed in the story and want to learn more while cringing at the treatment of people during WWII. Amazing book. Buy Code Name Verity and Rose Under Fire today.

Wein, Elizabeth. (2013). Rose Under Fire. New York: Hyperion.

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