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01 October 2013

Inheritance (Adaptation #2)

Inheritance by Malinda Lo is the second book in her Adaptation. In the first book, teens Reese Holloway and David Li were saved from a car accident by using alien DNA from the Imria.

Now Reese and David don't know who to trust. They have been kidnapped by the government for testing, lied to by the Imria - especially Reese who was to be watched by Imria Amber Gray who got closer than her assignment called for. Now the Imria want to train Reese and David to use the abilities they gained through the DNA. When invited onto a news show to tell their tale to the world, they are censored and given equal airtime as the anti-alien protesters making their lives difficult.

Lo has created a science fiction series of many layers, using it both to tell a story and to highlight some destructive habits of humanity. Both the science fiction and the story of a young woman falling in love with two people, are wonderful. Anything Lo writes should be read immediately! This series will appeal to both science fiction fans and readers of GLBT fiction.

Lo, Malinda. (2013). Inheritance. New York: Little, Brown and Company.

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