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27 October 2009

The Atlantis Revelation (Atlantis #3)

The Atlantis Revelation is the third book in the Atlantis series by Thomas Greanias.

In spite of the efforts made by Conrad Yeats and Serena Serghetti in the last book, the shadow organization Alignment is still trying to control the events of the world. And their latest plot involves the mythic Greek Fire - a substance that can turn water into flame.

If Yeats and Serghetti do not find out where the target is, there will be a major war that might tip the balance of power around the globe. But before they can work together again, Yeats has to decide if Serghetti can be forgiven for her betrayal in the previous adventure.

Greanias writes in the genre of Dan Brown - religious prophesy and other factors lead the player along a dangerous path.

Greanias, Thomas. (2009). The Atlantis Revelation. New York: Atria Books.

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