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22 October 2009

I've Known Since I Was Eight

I've Known Since I Was Eight by Sophie Glasser is a coming out tale in the utopian style of David Levitan's Boy Meets Boy - most everything in the book turns out well but there are hints that coming out doesn't' always go so smoothly.

Sarah has known she was a lesbian since she was eight, as the title suggests, but now that she is a junior in high school she is getting ready to tell other people. Sarah has a crush on Tina and thinks that Tina might also be a lesbian. As they become friends they discuss the tendancy of classmates to make homophobic comments.

This coming out tale reads a bit like an after school special, but would likely be well received by a younger reader. I would have loved to have books like this available when I was in high school.

Glasser, Sophie. (2003). I've Known Since I Was Eight. Lincoln, NE: iUniverse, Inc.

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