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21 October 2009

Rapture of the Deep (Bloody Jack #7)

Rapture of the Deep, Being an Account of the Further Adventures of Jacky Faber, Soldier, Sailor , Mermaid, Spy by L.A. Meyer is the seventh book in the Bloody Jack series.

Jacky continues to make her way through life and affect history as we know it. In her latest adventure she is about to finally marry Jaimy when she is once again interrupted. The Office of British Intelligence is not done with her and if she does not cooperate they will turn her in for the ship she stole two books ago.

Now Jacky is off on her own ship, the Nancy B., undercover on a scientific expedition. She and her crew are headed to the Florida Keys - controlled by the Spanish - to look for a sunken ship filled with gold.

The adventure and suspense continue in this edition of the Bloody Jack books - great stories that entertain while teaching readers about the time period, being a sailor, a pirate, and a young woman in a time when they were thought to be simple-minded. Jacky proves she is capable of accomplishing things that no other sailor could get done. I love this series and cannot wait for the next book!

Meyer, L.A. (2009). Rapture of the Deep. New York: Harcourt.

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