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19 June 2009

The Silent Man (John Wells #3)

The Silent Man by Alex Berenson is the third book featuring John Wells.

US intelligence agencies are in a race against time - and most of them don't even know what they are looking for.

A small group of jihadis has a plan to steal a couple of nuclear weapons from Russia. Authorities believe that without the launch codes the weapons are safe. Authorities outside of Russia don't even know what is missing.

Meanwhile, a man who John Wells kidnapped to find answers in an earlier book is after revenge. John, who would like to retire from the spy business, is pulled back in when the woman he loves is injured in an attempt on his life.

Now John will stop at nothing to get his revenge - or will he? Would John set aside his anger at what happened to Exley to save the US from a possible nuclear attack?

Berenson, Alex. (2009). The Silent Man. New York: Putnam.

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