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15 June 2009

Blind Fall

Blind Fall by Christopher Rice is the story two Marines.

John Houck is a Marine. He served in Iraq where his captain, Mike Bowers saved his life - and lost an eye. John fells guilty that he caused the injury because he did not let Mike know his state of mind going into the situation. He had just received an email informing him that his younger brother was dead.

Now John and Mike have been discharged and both live in California. John still feels guilty. When he finally gets up the courage to go to Mike's house, he is confronted with his murder and a man running from the house.

Rice sets up this murder mystery (although early in the book you know who done it) but then spends most of the book seemingly trying to explain why gays are okay. Mike was gay and living with his partner Alex. John's brother was gay but John couldn't face it.

The thing is, anyone who wasn't already okay with gays would put the book down after a couple of chapters. Readers who keep reading, and are likely okay with gays, get bombarded with a story that is about one man overcoming his homophobia and facing reality - to the point that it detracts from the main plot of the story.

Rice, Christopher. (2008). Blind Fall. New York: Pocket Books.

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