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13 June 2009

Destiny (Rogue Angel #1)

Destiny is the first book in the Rogue Angel series by Alex Archer. Fans of the television show Witchblade (2001) will love this series.

Annja Creed is an archaeologist and explorer. But archeology doesn't pay all that well. So, on the side she works for the TV show Chasing History's Monsters - a show that is more sensation than fact. But unlike other hosts on the show, Annja tries to find facts to support legends of boogie monsters. And the show pays well enough that she can go on digs when she wants.

Annja is on her way to France to research the legend of the Beast of Gevaudan - a creature who is said to have killed almost 100 people in the Cevennes Mountains. What she doesn't know is that an artifact is waiting for her to discover it - an artifact that will tie her to Joan of Arc or that there is a religious order still living in the mountains that wants the truth about the Beast to remain unsolved.

Archer, Alex. (2006). Destiny. New York: Worldwide.

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