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08 June 2009

Bloodhound (Beka Cooper #2)

Bloodhound is the second Beka Cooper book by Tamora Pierce. This series is part of the Tortall collection, which now includes 16 titles.

Beka has completed her police training and is now a full-fledged Dog. She has been having trouble keeping a partner - they are either crooked or lazy.

Corus, the capital or Tortall, seems to have a counterfeiter problem. Someone is passing fake coins in the gambling houses. The hunt will take Beka and her mentor, Goodwin, to the neighboring city of Port Caynn to track down the forger.

Once again, Pierce has created a story that fans will devour. Beka is a strong young woman who readers will follow far into the future (hint, hint - we want more books!)

Pierce, Tamora. (2009). Bloodhound. New York: Random House.

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