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06 April 2009

White Jenna (Great Alta Saga #2)

White Jenna by Jane Yolen is the second book in the Great Alta Saga.

Jenna has almost accepted her destiny to become the Anna - the woman who the prophesy says will bring the end and a new beginning. She is out to warn the other Hames that an army is coming, but so far she and her friends have been too late.

The king who is raiding the Hames of the women of Alta stole the thrown from the rightful heirs. Now the heirs are fighting back and need Jeanna and the other women of Alta's help.

The destiny of the rightful king and that of the Anna are meant to merge into a new era. Jenna is to be the queen.

Yolen, Jane. (1989). White Jenna. New York: Tor.

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