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19 April 2009

Terminal Freeze

Terminal Freeze is the latest thriller by Lincoln Child.

A team of scientists is above the Arctic circle studying a melting glacier. They are being funded by a media conglomerate that has final say if they discover anything interesting. But so far, the melting ice, though interesting to the scientists studying it, is not documentary film material.

That all changes as a large piece of ice calves off of the face of the glacier and a cave is revealed. While exploring the cave the scientists discover the body of an animal frozen under the ice. By the eyes and what little can be seen without excavation it appears to be a sabre tooth tiger.

Now a whole film crew is on its way to capture the excitement of science at work. The plan is to defrost the beast and reveal it live on national television.

Before the beast can be melted the scientists start to believe that it is too big to be a sabre tooth tiger. It looks to be an undiscovered predator that, according to some theories of evolution, was created solely to kill - likely to thin a population of other creature that was too plentiful. And based on the type of ice and the speed with which it froze, there is possibility that the creature could be in a suspended state and not really dead...

Child, Lincoln. (2009). Terminal Freeze. New York: Doubleday Publishing.

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