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22 April 2009

Seeing Redd (Looking Glass Wars #2)

Seeing Redd by Frank Beddor is the second book in the Looking Glass Wars series - the real story that Lewis Carroll trivialized in his books.

Now that Alyss is on the thrown Wonderlanders are trying to get their lives back in order. There is much work to be done to fix what her evil aunt Redd destroyed.

Homberg Molly is Alyss's personal guard and Dodge is the head of the palace guard. They are all getting ready to have a sort of grand opening of the newly rebuilt palace when it seems that forces of Redd's army thought to be destroyed attack Wondertropolis.

Alyss must use all of her great imagination, in combination with the skills of Molly, Dodge, General Doppleganger, and Hatter Mattigan to secure the queendom once again from an enemy. But can the enemy really be Redd after she was defeated in the last battle?

Beddor, Frank. (2007). Seeing Redd. New York: Speak.

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