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10 December 2008

Deep Cover (Selena McCaffrey #2)

Deep Cover is the second book in Rachel Butler's Selena McCaffrey series.

Selena thinks she is finally free of her uncle's influence. She is ready to get on with her life - to focus on her painting and Detective Tony Ceola. But the FBI has other plans for her.

They want her to take over her uncle's drug empire long enough that they can arrests the upper level players. Oh, and did they mention it is not an option. Selena will be prosecuted and likely deported if she does not cooperate.

Add on top of all the rest that they want her to work with her uncle's second in command - the man who tried to kill her in the last book.

If she pulls it off she will be free and safe from deportation for the rest of her life...

Butler, Rachel. (2005). Deep Cover. New York: Dell Books.

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