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05 November 2008

The Assassin (Selena McCaffrey #1)

The Assassin is the first book in Rachel Butler's Selena McCaffrey series.

Tulsa is having a rash of murders. With the count up to nine, Detective Tony Ceola is not getting any help in catching the killer - because the victims are all high level drug dealers. But someone else doesn't want Ceola to find the killer and has blackmailed Selena McCaffrey into coming to Tulsa.

Selena moves into the empty house next door to Ceola to keep an eye on his investigation. Selena has no desire to ever see the man she knows as William. He saved her life when she was 14, gave her a world class education, and now thinks she owes him.

As Ceola gets closer to the killer and closer to his new neighbor, clues begin to point to an insider.

Butler, Rachel. (2005). The Assassin. New York: Dell.

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