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07 December 2008

Geography Club

Geography Club by Brent Hartinger is the story of a secret gay club.

Russel is sure he is the only gay kid at his high school. Okay, he knows that with 800 students there must be others, be he feels alone. When he meets someone in a chat room who goes to his school they decide to meet.

Who would have thought that the school's star baseball player was gay? Russel wants to tell his best friend Min. When he comes out to her he is shocked to find that she is bisexual and has had a girlfriend for two years.

The four get together at an out of the way pizza place. There they create a plan to have a group where they can meet after school. But how can they make the club work without letting anyone know what it really is? They pick a name they think no one else would want to join...the Geography Club.

Hartinger, Brent. (2003). Geography Club. New York: Harper Tempest.

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