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27 December 2008


Gravity by Leanne Lieberman is the story of one teen coming to terms with the opposing factors in her life - Orthodox Judaism and her merging feelings for another woman.

The Gold family has big plans for the summer. The parents are going to Israel for the first time, older sister Neshama is teaching at a summer camp, and Ellie is spending the summer with her grandmother in a cottage on the lake.

Ellie has never really been outside of Toronto. The trees and the lake are a startling change. She plans on spending the summer studying the wildlife until she meets her neighbor - another 15 year old girl. Lindsay is nothing like Ellie; she isn't even Jewish.

Now that summer is over, Ellie has to figure out how her obvious attraction to Lindsay fits in with her place in the world or if the place her parents have created for her is not what she wants. How can she balance Torah, science and love?

Lieberman, Leanne. (2008). Gravity. Victoria, BC: Orca Book Publishers.

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