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06 October 2008

Into the Fire (Troubleshooters #13)

Into the Fire by Suzanne Brockmann is the 13th book in her Troubleshooters series.

The Troubleshooters have not seen Vinh Murphy since his wife was shot and killed during an assignment to protect a Hollywood movie director. Since then the only person he checks in with is Hannah. Hannah who was his wife's best friend. Hannah who he has been in love with for about twenty years.

But when the leader of a right wing cult/militia is found murdered and Vinh cannot account for his whereabouts for the time, the whole Troubleshooters group is put on the case.

To make matters worse, when Vinh and Hannah break into the militia compound, they see something they are not supposed to see. Now they have become targets.

Into the Fire brings together most of the Troubleshooters, SEALS, and FBI agents that have been in the past twelve books, delving deeper into backgrounds and relationships. It is a great book that at the same time allows the reader to catch up on what favorite characters have been up to.

Brockmann, Suzanne. (2008). Into the Fire. New York: Ballantine Books.

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