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10 October 2008

Sleeper Agenda (Sleeper Conspiracy #2)

Sleeper Agenda is the second book in the Sleeper Conspiracy by Tom Sniegoski.

Tom Lovett and his alter ego Tyler Garrett are in a battle for control. They are the split personality of a seventeen year old assassin and his cover. But now that they have been introduced inside of their head, each wants control.

While working with the Pandora Group to override the programming forced upon him by the corrupt Janus Project, Tom is fighting to stay in control. But when the head of Janus threatens the life of Tom's girlfriend he will do anything to stop him.

In this battle of good and evil, Tom's mind will be filled with memories and impulses that will either lead to his survival or destruction - depending upon which half of his personality is stronger.

Sniegoski, Tom. (2006). Sleeper Agenda. New York: Razorbill.

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