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03 June 2016

Tokyo Kill (Jim Brodie #2)

Tokyo Kill by Barry Lancet is the second book in his Jim Brodie mystery series. Brodie owns an antique store in San Fransisco that specializes in Japanese are and furniture, but Brodie also inherited half of his father's PI business based in Tokyo - a job he was groomed for from a young age.

While Brodie is in Japan on an art run, an older man insists on seeing him at Brodie Security. A WWII veteran, the man is convinced someone is targeting the remaining members of his team. During the war they were assigned to Manchuria, China - land conquered by Japan.

At the same time, art that hasn't been seen publicly for decades begins to appear. Paintings by Sengai, one in London and one in Toyko, are starting a buzz in the art world.

After agreeing to protect the older man, a murder shocks Brodie Security, setting off a race through the art world, a Japanese Kendo club, and the backstreets of Tokyo's Chinatown.

Lancet has created a great character in Jim Brodie. He has been compared to Daniel Silva and Jack Reacher. Fans of mystery fiction or Japan will love this well-written series.

Lancet, Barry. (2014). Tokyo Kill. New York: Simon and Schuster.

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