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14 June 2016

Forged in Fire (Sarah Beauhall #3)

Forged in Fire by JA Pitts is the third book in his series featuring Sarah Beauhall - a lesbian blacksmith who lives in a Seattle with dragons, dwarves and witches.

The Black Briar team - a medieval reenactment/fighting group are healing after a battle with a dragon while also focusing on finding a dark magic wielder in the area. There is also the danger of the Dragon Liberation Front who want dragons to rule in public instead of behind the scenes.

Sarah and Katie are recovering after a fight at the home of a fellow blacksmith. The witch Quindra is still trapped inside that home, keeping the forces at bay. In the mean time, Sarah is filling in for Quindra with the dragon Niddog - she who controls the Seattle area.

Pitts has created a fun series for fans of fantasy and mythology. The setting is both familiar and drastically different than our own world, which makes it easier for new readers of fantasy.

Pitts, JA. (2012). Forged in Fire. New York: Tor.

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